Wiki writing: To tweak or not to tweak

May 9th, 2010

Our final project for my digital tools class included publishing a report to our wiki.  Because I’d had some previous difficulties with wikis and imported formatting, I decided to compose directly to the wiki.

This was great!  I was able to steal moments before work (and sometimes even during work –with my supervisor’s permission) to add bits and pieces to my report.  No lugging my laptop here, there, and yonder.

The problem I’ve run into — and am still confronting — is when is enough, enough?  To be honest, I can’t really tell.  I’m beginning to feel like the George Lucas of wikiland in that I keep going back over what should be a finished product and adding special effects here and there.

I also look at my classmates’ pages and, being fairly competitive by nature, think, “Wow, maybe I should do that, too!”  So I change a font, a type size, a link, and so on.  Remastering can be an addiction.

I realize some would argue that this is the very strength of writing to a wiki.  I say it’s a double-edged sword!  Maybe my strategy should be to impose a waiting period for myself, a sort of cyber-timeout.  The project is due May 12th.  I can justify tweaking it until then.  After that date, I plan to refrain from all changes for at least a period of one month.  Surely I won’t unearth any additional resources before then?

But, you know, resources aren’t the only temptation.  There are accessibility issues as well.  What if I included a transcript of my video interview . . .?

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  1. debg on May 10, 2010 12:37 pm

    What you’ve done is wonderful! Be content and proud of your accomplishments this semester. Enjoyed taking the class with you.

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